Oral Presentation Australasian Cytometry Society 41st Annual Conference

Can your analysis do that? New tools for tomorrow’s problems. (24219)

Jack Panopoulos 1 , Jay Almarode 1 , Josef Spidlen 1 , Richard Halpert 1 , Miguel Velasquez-Palafox 1 , Ian Taylor 1
  1. FlowJo, Ashland, OREGON, United States
Flow cytometry is reshaping what we know about cell phenotypes, development, behavior and communication. These diverse lines of inquiry share several common analysis problems and pose unique challenges to new investigators as well as the well-entrenched. Thanks to the collaborative effort of many scientists around the world and the software engineers at FlowJo, there are a myriad of tools at your disposal to remedy these challenges; from automated removal of anomalies and calibration to cutting edge clustering and machine learning algorithms.